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Polyurethane Foam Scrap We are one of the largest Importers, Exporters, and Suppliers of industrial grade Polyurethane Foam Scrap. Mostly used for the production of re-bonded foam for furniture, mattress, bedding, pillow, Insoles, sports padding, carpet padding and carpet underlay or used for the production of shredded foam for pillow fillings, cushion fillings, toy fillings. All from foam factories directly, in compressed by bales, new, clean and dry. Main Specification: Polyurethane foam scrap/PU foam scrap Source: Post-industrial Preferred Density Range : 25 to 30kg/ m3 Clean & Dry Unused Off-Cuts: 100% Colour: White Foam Skins: None Re-bonded Foam: None Bare Skins: 3% Ester-type Foam: None Hydrophilic Foam: None Laminated Fabric/Foam: None Laminated Vinyl/PVC/Foam: None Reticulated Foam: None Visco-elastic Foam: None Foreign Matter/Contamination: Absolutely None Factory Sweepings: Absolutely None Recycled, Old or Used Foam: Absolutely None Packaging : Compressed in bales Contact us on: [email protected]
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