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Texture has a great impact on a cat scratching post and it makes a difference if your furry friend can really get their claws into it. One of the most popular materials is sisal and cats love it. It is also highly durable, so you don’t have to purchase a new product anytime soon. You can observe its behavior as well. For example, if your pet is a big fan of the carpet, you can find a post covered in carpet or one that has a softer material. It will help you choose something suitable, so you don’t invest in unnecessary supplies. Scratching is not important just for their claws, but also to stretch and flex their bodies. This means that height is another important factor when it comes to the cat scratching post. You can focus mainly on tall posts to allow your pet to stretch their entire bodies. Stability matters as well, since cats can easily get frightened by objects that fall down near them. This might be enough to convince them not to use the item anymore. Avoid such unpleasant situations and purchase the right item from the start. As for placement, it is a good idea to put the post near the object that is currently being scratched. You should allow your pet the possibility of choosing and trying the alternative and see what they like the most. In addition, you can use some catnip, just to allure it even more. You can find several supplies at the pet warehouse and some of them are necessary, while others recommended. Supplies make it easier for owners to look after their companions and even more enjoyable, as they can play together, learn something new one from another and more. Every type of pet has certain requirements and as a caring owner, you should provide them love, comfort and plenty of supplies, such as bedding, food, toys, supplements, grooming accessories and everything needed for a healthy lifestyle. The good news is that you don’t have to worry about going from store to store for completing the shopping list, because a pet warehouse has all the necessary products and more. You can start shopping at any point and you can choose from a wide variety, as there are so many manufacturers out there and options to analyze and compare. Do you want to save your furniture and allow your cat to scratch something else? You should invest in a quality cat scratching post ( ) . Take a look at what this pet warehouse ( ) has to offer and pick out a suitable model.
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