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Plumpy\\\\\\\'Nut® is a Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food (RUTF)\\\\r\\\\n \\\\r\\\\n\\\\r\\\\n? For children after 6 months of age\\\\r\\\\n\\\\r\\\\nPlumpy’Nut® is specifically formulated for the nutritional rehabilitation of children from six months of age and adults suffering from severe acute malnutrition.\\\\r\\\\n\\\\r\\\\nThe invention of Plumpy’Nut® made home treatment/ambulatory or outpatient care possible for severely malnourished children with an appetite and without medical complications.\\\\r\\\\n\\\\r\\\\nHowever, the vulnerable condition of severely malnourished children requires a health practitioner\\\\\\\'s prescription and regular medical check-ups.\\\\r\\\\n\\\\r\\\\nPlumpy\\\\\\\'Nut® should not be given to people who are allergic to peanuts or dairy products.\\\\r\\\\n\\\\r\\\\n \\\\r\\\\n\\\\r\\\\n? To treat Severe Acute Malnutrition\\\\r\\\\n\\\\r\\\\nChildren who fall under the cut-off for severe acute malnutrition need to receive an adapted diet that allows them to regain a normal nutritional status. Providing the same nutritional value (but without the same use constraints) than F-100 therapeutic milk, Plumpy’Nut® is well-adapted to the needs of severely acute malnourished children.\\\\r\\\\n\\\\r\\\\nSince it can be used at home without prior preparation, under the supervision of the mother or another member of the family, Plumpy’Nut® made outpatient treatment possible for most of the children suffering from severe acute malnutrition. Thanks to these characteristics, the number of malnourished children treated considerably increased and the adherence to the regularity of the treatment and the recovery rate improved. \\\\r\\\\n\\\\r\\\\nA true revolution over therapeutic milks, Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Foods (RUTFs) like Plumpy\\\\\\\'Nut® has since May 2007 been recommended by WHO, UNICEF, WFP and the UN Standing Committee on Nutrition.
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