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It may look like a reclining chair, but it is much more!The Clarity Chair is a doctor designed, FDA cleared, fully automated, medical device that uses its patented technology to provide a completely effortless treatment to help people of all ages overcome a wide range of symptoms resolving cerebral and sensory pathway issues, brain injury and dysfunction, in 5 days. Clarity Chair combines science and innovation for the most advanced treatment option to address a wide range of symptoms. Dr. Mary Ann Block is the creator of Clarity Chair. She is a top-selling author, international expert on non-drug treatments for health and learning problems and has over 30 years experience treating patients with ADHD, Autism, Dementia and Depression. Disappointed by the limitations and side effects of current treatment options available to help her patients and unwilling to accept that the science and technology available in this day and age had not provided a safer, drug free, faster, more affordable and lasting solution to those struggling with brain related issues, she began looking for a better treatment. The result is a new innovative treatment unlike anything else. Using proprietary cutting edge technology that performs the entire treatment for faster better lasting results, while also providing a noninvasive, drug free and effortless experience for patients, Dr. Block developed the Clarity Chair. Although Clarity Chair is a new treatment, it is backed by decades of science and research, allowing you to feel confident in its capacity for effectiveness. Clarity Chair’s technology and method are based on the importance of the sensory system to function properly for optimal brain function. The senses are the source that forms our perception of the world around us and communicates that information to the brain. The senses are the often forgotten but underlying problem causing brain related issues. Clarity Chair targets both the senses and the brain for a more complete and effective approach, while using technology for a faster, drug-free, effortless and more affordable treatment. The technology is complex but the process is simple. Clarity Chair treatment is fast and effortless. You simply relax in the reclining chair in a dark room, while it makes gentle movements, as you listen to specific music and
watch a series of colored lights on the screen. This process is how Clarity Chair performs its unique and advanced ability to stimulate 5 senses at once. Regardless of your age, goal or starting point the entire treatment consists of 1-hour sessions in the chair, twice per day, for only 5 consecutive days. No ongoing hidden treatments necessary. How do we know 5 days is optimal for everyone....years of clinical research has shown this is the treatment protocol consistently producing improvements that continued to improve over time.

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