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Currently, to prevent the possible risks of fire, there is equipment for disabled people. A quick look at their characteristics. The watch case, to prevent all risks The successful evacuation of a collective or individual dwelling in case of fire depends entirely on the ability to be warned quickly of a fire outbreak. The watch case informs disabled people, especially those with hearing or visual impairments, in real time when a fire alarm is triggered. This rf universal remote control device consists of a central server associated with the housing alarm management unit, and a network of beacons transmitting radio frequencies. It is up to the owner to decide the content of the safety instructions specific to his residence, information which will be transmitted to the audio and text boxes. When the device is installed, the instructions are entered on software, under the responsibility of the alarm installer. Big key phone, another effective solution The large-button phone is a reliable solution for people with hearing or visual impairments. Is it plus? It is directly connected to GSM networks. It is also equipped with an additional battery that lets it work even in case of electrical malfunction. In addition, a powerful hands-free system allows the caller to hear the person in difficulty, even if they are a few meters from the telephone. This phone can be combined with 10 rf transmitter devices, including fire or smoke detectors, and an emergency call bracelet. In case of fire, once the wearer of this bracelet has pressed the help button, the alarm will be triggered from an automatic material. In parallel, the caller will receive an "SMS" or a call informing him what is happening in the house.
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