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RETROFITTING YOUR BUSES FROM FOSSIL FUEL TO BATTERY-ELECTRIC AND WHY IT MAKES SENSE The stated goal of many U.S. cities and cities worldwide is to operate electric buses exclusively 10 years from now, or even sooner. Most transit professionals now believe that this is possible and will actually happen. The fastest and cheapest path to this future is to retrofit, or convert, your existing buses to battery-electric. It's easy to retrofit a fossil fuel (diesel or CNG) transit bus to battery-electric with an Ebus pre-engineered conversion kit. The end result is a zero emissions battery-electric bus at a much lower investment than a new electric bus from BYD, New Flyer or Proterra. Excluding batteries, the capital cost of the conversion is surprisingly low. The ownership of the dual batteries and the BS&CS can be separate from the bus itself, which makes it possible to utilize lease financing, with leasing costs offset by savings in fuel and maintenance. Fleet commonality is a huge advantage when retrofitting buses already in your fleet. Everything about the bus remains the same, except the battery-electric propulsion system. This commonality greatly simplifies technician training and spare parts management, as well as requiring almost no driver re-training. Drivers will be comfortable switching between remaining fossil fuel buses and newly electrified ones, since there is no difference in driving position, outward visibility or dashboard controls. Categories: transport, auto Keywords: electric bus, electric bus battery, electric bus battery capacity, electric bus cost, electric buses pros and cons, electric bus features, electric bus for sale, electric bus manufacturers, electric bus price, electric bus range, electric bus vs diesel bus, how to electric buses work

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