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Dog toys are exclusively designed for your pets to play. These are not just for their benefits. Many toys help them develop the skills to interact with humans and other dogs or pets. Toys for the dogs are of different types: some are distraction toys and some are multifunctional toys. Then you have bones, rubber toys or latex toys. Likewise, dog beds come in different shapes, sizes and utilities. Search online pet supply stores and you will be quite amazed to see the wide variety of choices. Let us first explore what are the toys available for you to select and what are their benefits. But before we start, we should know few basics. The toy should be chosen as per the dog’s age, its size, activity level and also the type of game it prefers. Don’t buy a toy simply because it is popular with other dogs or it looks cute and smart. If your dog loves wrestling on the floor with a plush or squeaky toy you should not buy a Frisbee or stick for it. So, consider your dog’s preferences and also health benefits that the toy offers. A small puppy that is teething, a small Kong will be great. The rubber used to make the Kong gives relief to its sore jaws and gums. The material used is completely safe for your pet and quite durable. When you have an adult dog that is left alone for a while you may get a Hide and Treat Bone in its food delivery tray to get it engaged. A chew toy is also a good option for an adult dog. There are some dog toys that are enjoyed by two small puppies or a pair of mature dogs like rope toys. These help in developing communication and understanding among the pets and also with their owner. It is interesting to know that there are twin dog beds available for two dogs that are big enough for both of them. With passage of time new innovative designs have come up to make the dog bed comfortable and nice to look at. Pyramid-shaped or igloo-shaped beds are extremely cosy, soft and comfortable. Some are reversible and come with two finishes and therefore keep the dog comfortable in both cold winters and hot summer months. You will also find beds made of timber that are traditional in their looks but contemporary when it comes to providing comfort to the dog. These luxury beds are of finest quality and provides solid and sturdy structure. The bed comes with plush cushion that provides full body support to your pet. The pet will remain comfortable and will protect your pet from the cold floors. This elevated bed looks wonderful and matches seamlessly with your room’s other wooden furniture. Some beds come with minimalistic, slim designs but are high on functionality. These have ergonomic designs providing maximum comfort to the dog and do not occupy much floor space. So, if you are living in an apartment this type of beds will be perfect for you and your pet. Dog toys ( ) may not be as important as dog beds ( ) but you should invest in one to keep your loving pet in good mood.
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