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Many standard concrete floors don’t always bear heavy loads or withstand severe abrasion and impact, and the concrete underneath will continue to show signs of damage if left without the right protection. Industrial heavy duty flooring systems from Royal Construction gives a concrete floor the strength it needs to stand up to repeated and constant abuse from fork lift traffic, pallet jacks and heavy skids that can destroy concrete and concrete coatings. By installing one of our heavy duty flooring systems, you give your traffic surface the protection it needs to endure extreme pressure and heavy use for the longest time without repair.Commercial Performance Heavy Duty Flooring ensure that your slab is strong enough for harsh conditions. You rest assured the integrity of your flooring is sound so you can get back to business.Whether you are protecting new concrete or resurfacing existing concrete, industrial heavy duty flooring is engineered to perform in both industrial and commercial facilities without sacrificing aesthetics or innovative design. We provide expert consultation and installation along with a full line of commercial performance heavy duty flooring and coatings in addition to other high performance flooring systems tailored to the food and beverage industry.
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