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There is business running through generations and it’s the family members who are running them and making them successful. We are living in a world where “survival of the fittest”, the rule applies at its best. It’s a true fact that everywhere you go there are going to be your competitors and hence you need to struggle hard to save yourself and win the race. It’s already set business and hence people know them since years, and when you enter a family business you can easily gain the trust of the people as it has been already made popular among the public by your great grandparents. When you enter a family business you need not struggle to earn a reputation but you need to try to maintain one which has already been earned by your earlier family generations Q Link Wireless CEO. Issa Asad says when you decide to do business with family members you need to follow certain rules. He is a CEO of Q link wireless located in Dania. It doesn’t take time for a well-running business to get ruined by simple mistakes. Whether it is a competition at school, colleges or even for instant running a business, competitions are there in each and every field. And the common rule which rules these competitions is survival of the fittest. Even in business, there are hunters who are there to hunt you down and win the race, all you need to do is be strong enough and save your life and win against the competitors. Although people believe you due to years of experience and reputation if you stop delivering them quality products, they won’t take the time to change the brand and move on to other company’s products. And hence you need to keep that in mind
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