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Model: DX-600K Measuring Range: 0.005g-600g Density Precision: 0.001g/cm3 Weighing Precision: 0.005g Display Value: Gold K, Density, %(purity) Karats Range: exp. 5K-24K, 6K-24K Marker: RS-232 Features: 1, can quickly and accurately determine the purity of precious metals, density (specific gravity) and the number of gold K, only two weighing steps; 2, after the measurement will not leave any traces and pollution, without the use of sulfuric acid solution or test the standard sample; 3, the coating thickness> 30μm above the Brazilian fire gold can also be easy to determine; 4, by the special software design, can be directly circulated to show the different elements of the gold K number (including gold and silver, gold and silver, gold and copper), gold purity (including gold and silver, gold and silver, gold and copper); 5, according to market demand, the special software design, the user can set the gold K number of the upper and lower limits, when the test gold K number greater than 24K, the instrument will show HI; less than 12K, will show LO, to more Intuitive, faster way to identify the authenticity of gold; 6, with a mixing ratio function, can test the mixing ratio of other precious metal alloys. Such as: platinum, silver, palladium, copper, rhodium … and so on; 7, the use of one-piece forming a large transparent tank (size: 15cm × 10cm × 9cm), the use of special materials into the sink mold, not only anti-wear, corrosion resistance, and easy to break, but also very beautiful, can greatly facilitate the user’s use; 8, the use of lightweight, thin, stainless steel hanging line design, can greatly reduce the buoyancy caused by the bucket line error; 9, with a standard RS-232 interface, you can connect the printer and computer output test data.
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