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Attn: Dear Friends,

I am Dr. Thomas Moscato by name, from the United States of America. I am a Surgeon Doctor currently working with the U.S Marine Corps in Afghanistan under the International Security Assistance Force. I was nominee to by NATO to be the over-all doctor of the NATO-led Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan. I am working as an ENVOY with the NATO for peace-keeping under the UNITED NATIONS Constitution.

The United Nations & the NATO had a meeting for the evacuation of all the NATO Soldiers from Afghanistan. There was a communique on the industrial cleaning up of all the weapons such as the air crafts, warships, guns and other weapons as the case maybe with the use of bio-fuel.

This is a Contract Commission from the United Nations & NATO to supply bottles of bio-fuel for the clean up process. The United Nations is searching for reliable source/ individual person for the contract commission in reference to supply a Bio-FUEL CHEMICAL to the International Security Assistance Force, for the maintenance and servicing of all the weapon ammunition equipment used by NATO Soldiers.

Therefore I have been given a slot by United Nations to recommend a contractor for the supply of the Bio-fuel chemical and I have no other person in mind but you to handle this contract.

It might please you to know that, those who supplied last year bought a bottle of the Bio-fuel at the rate of $200 per bottle including the shipment and the United Nations paid $400 to contractors for each bottle. You can calculate this profit yourself and see what you stand to gain here my good friend.

Note; that no contractor is allowed to supply more than 3,000 bottles please.

I want you to apply to the United Nations Contract Commission immediately via email: for the contract supply on your behalf, by telling them that you were recommended by Dr. Thomas Moscato. Remember to treat this information highly confidential because this is an opportunity given to STAFFS but I have to recommend this to you because I am still on a Peace-Keeping mission here in Afghanistan. Do let me know when you apply so that I can send your name to the contract commission as my recommended contractor. I wish you all the best of luck and thanks. Congratulations! and do have a wonderful day ahead.

With thanks from the United Nations Contract Mission.

Your Friend.

Dr. Thomas Moscato.
Chief Surgeon Officer.
United States of America
Mr. Thomas Moscato

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