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Now fixing phones in Boca Raton & Delray! Give us a call for a free estimate for your phone repair plus receive a $10 coupon! Our cell phone repair services include: iPhone screen replacement, phone screen repair, replacing batteries and much more! Boca Delray iPhone repair loves giving the best deal possible so give us a call to get you setup. Feel free to contact us on our Facebook page if you have no phone to call with. Get your phone screen repaired in less than a day. If your phone is broken, we can repair it! Give us your jammed buttons and your used up batteries, come out with a new looking phone! We know you'll love us! Come on down and get your phone looking new again. Don't settle with a battery that only lasts 1 hour. Get a new one and enjoy long lasting battery. Boca Raton and Delray citizens deserve a phone technician they can trust. Our phone repairmen have the skills and the understandings of a master. Phone repair so cheap you won't care if you drop your phone. Customer support so good, you'll want to drop it! Cheap, reliable and fast iPhone Repair service. Phone screen repair: You bring in your phone, we will replace the screen with a brand new one and you can pick it up shortly after! Button jammed; We can fix that pesky broken or jammed button for you. Easy as that! Battery Replacement: Batteries are not built to withstand many years, after a while a phone will only last a few hours before powering off, some don't even power on anymore! Bring it in and we will get you a fresh new battery! Virus or errors: We can work it out! Come on down. Water damage: Phone fell in the water and not working? Bring it in Audio damaged: Can't hear your fresh new beats? Call us up and we can figure it out. Port not working: How will you charge your battery if you can't even plug it in. Call us and we will get it working! Many phone repair shops try to scam you out of your money with high prices and after they take your money, they don't even fix your phone right! Trust local because it's cheaper and more trustworthy. We have been in this game for a while, we have seen a lot of it already. We know what it takes to be the best phone repair service in Palm Beach! Come on in bring your friends! We love fixing phones and you love not having your phone broken. There seems to be only one course of action here...

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Cell Phone Repair, Iphone Repair, Mobile Phone Accessories

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Boca Delray iPhone Repair

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