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We are Manufactures, exporters and suppliers of african hard and soft wood timber and below are the various types of timber we have in stock for ready markets ,Sapelli, Tali, Aiele, Dabema, Eyong, Koto, Manbode, Iroko, Okume, Mahogany, Aningre, Bilinga, ilomba, Padouk, Sipo, Wenge, Ayous, Kosso, Dousie , Afromosia, Zingana, Pine, Azobe WE DEAL ON HARDWOOD LOGS, LUMBER, SAWN TIMBER, FLOORING, DECKING , SLEEPERS, WOODEN CROSS ARMS , PLYWOOD MATERIALS. THIS INCLUDES Azobe/ Bongossi, Bubinga, Doussie, Kossipo, Makore, Mukulungu, Padouk, Sipo, Wenge, Ayous, Ekaba, Okume, Frake, Longhi, Movingui, Niove, Bahia, Fromager, Onzabili, Bosse clair, Dibetou, Iroko, Kotibe, Moabi, Okan, Sapelli, Tali, Aiele, Dabema, Eyong, Koto, Manbode, Naga parallele, Mahogany, Aningre, Bilinga, ilomba, Teak, Pine, Rose, Ebony, AND MANY OTHERS. WHATEVER AFRICAN HARD OR SOFT WOOD YOU NEED OR REQUIRE, SIMPLY MAKE AN INQUIRY TO US . Visit OUR WEBSITE FOR MORE INFORMATION ON PRODUCTS ...........
Mr. Marcel Fred
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