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Packaging: I t is packed by paper bag inner-lined plastic knitting-bag with

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pvc resin K65 k67 K68 K70 proffessional manufacturers more than 20 years. PVC Resin K65 K67 K68 K70 etc PVC resin-SG3,SG5,SG7,SG8 etc PVC resin k65,k67 1. Product property: Vinyl chloride-acetate copolymer is produced by international advanced micro-suspension co-polymerization process. As putting vinyl acetate into rigid chain of PVC molecule to make the polarity of PVC molecule reduced and attraction force between molecules lowered, compared with PPVC of homogeneous polymerization, its gelating temperature and molten temperature have been reduced obviously (30-40°C).In addition, because of introducing ester base, it may increase solvent rate between resin and plasticizer, and improve adhesive force between resin and all kinds of adhesion basic material. 2. Specification: (getting ISO9001:2000certificate international quality system cer tification) Apparent: white micro-fine powder. Property Value Presentation White powder K-Value 66 - 68 Bulk density (g/cm3) 0.45~0.48 Viscosity (g/ml) 100~116 - % Through mesh 40M 99.0 min. - % Through mesh 200M 3.0 máx CResidual Monomer (RMVC) <= 1.0 ppm 3. Uses: It is used widely as important material of reducing process temperature and increasing plasticization speed and improving product property in PVC automobile plastisol (including coating of preventing bottom disc from stone attacking, spot welding gel for body weld seal, filter core glue and buffered glue etc.), back-lined adhesive for PVC square blanket, printing ink, thermo-sensitivity knitting coating, enameled heel, tarp and chemical foaming product industry etc. It may replace some foreign same product such as E5/65C of Germany WAKER company and PA1384 of France ATO company. 4. Package: I t is packed by paper bag inner-lined plastic knitting-bag with net weight of 25 kg per bag. 5. Store and transport: It is prevented from humid, rain and sunshine during store and transport.
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