Frozen Chicken Leg Quarters, Whole Chiken, Chicken Breast

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Frozen Chicken Leg Quarters, Whole Chiken, Chicken Breast FROZEN WHOLE CHICKEN Specification: Sizes range from 1000 to 2500grams A fresh whole or fresh frozen bird, neck and feet removed. No giblets inside bird. Fresh chicken can be supplied untrussed, trussed or trussed and bagged. All frozen chicken are trussed, bagged and individually labelled FROZEN CHICKEN LEGS QUARTERS Specification 350 to 500 grams Cut from whole fresh chicken by cutting around the thigh thus leaving the back bone on the carcass of the chicken. Cut between temperature ranges 0 - 4°C FOB Price chicken legs quarters: please ask FROZEN CHICKEN BREAST Specification Cut from a whole fresh chicken from which the legs and all three joints of the wing are removed. The breast meat and underlying fillet are lifted from the rib cage and sternum. The skin is then removed. The product is cut and packed between 0 - 4°C. FOB Price chicken breast fillet: please ask FROZEN CHICKEN WINGS 150 to 200 grams Specification Chicken wings removed from the breast of Grade A chicken. Cut and packed between temperature ranges 0 - 4°C. FOB Price chicken wings: please ask FROZEN CHICKEN DRUMSTICK 100 to 220 grams Specification Whole leg cut from whole bird. Drumsticks removed from whole leg. Hock removed and skin left on. Please contact for more details if interested. Contact with your email, telephone and skype details or tick the box send business card box when contacting Minimum Order: 27 metric tons

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501 - 1000 People
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East Asia, South Asia, Oceania, Middle East
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91% - 100%
Frozen Chicken Feets, Poultry Livestock

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