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Inflatable Twister Game for Sale $1,249.00 SKU: TG-02 Product ID: 1506 You can buy a superior outdoor twister game with a bouncy playing area. It measures 4.5 meters by 4.5 meters. The space enables it to conveniently accommodate ten twisting players. Moreover, the twister is accompanied with a three foot wheel. You will need this when determining the recommended color and appendage matching. This provision aids you to have forty feet and hands clawing and stretching to reach any of the sixty four colored dots. More so, the twister game sounds chaotic but it is full of fun. Your Inflatable Twisters will cradle you and also bounce whenever you tumble, twist and fall. This is the best backyard game you should try out today. Inflatable Twister Features: (1) Size: 15′(L)x15′(W). (2) Material: All of our products are of Commercial Quality, Built with High Quality 18 oz. Fire Retardant Certified vinyl Heavy Duty Thread, Double, and Triple Stitched. (3) Extensively used in theme parks, backyards, schools, playing centers or some commercial parks etc. (4) Designs, Size and Color according to customer’s enquiry for the Inflatable Twister. (5) Colors: red, light grey, military green, black, yellow, white, dark blue and so on. Inflatable Twister Packing: 0.6m x 0.6m x 1.2m inflatables in tarpaulin bags, blowers in cartons, Blowers meet (CE/UL) Certificate. As you go shopping for your twister, look for a double-stitched vinyl. The package should include a spinner board, a dice and instructions manual. Never compromise quality and buy a reliable twister for your child’s birthday party and other events. From:
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