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Brand Name: Frozen Chicken Feet
Place of Origin: USA
MOQ: 27 metric/ton
Type: Chicken
Style: Frozen
Weight: 0.7Kg-2.2Kg
Packaging: box
Grade: AA

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FROZEN CHICKEN FEET/PAWS SPECIFICATIONS We offer accurate services, specified quality, clean packaging with delivery on time. - Factory produce, clean packaging, caution loading of goods into the transportation vessel, save transportation of goods to the shipping site. All shipments of our products to the ports of delivery are quality inspected with a complete custom approval policy for all goods on board insured and covered with an insurance policy. Quality: Grade A Average Weight: 35-55 grams/piece Average Length: 12-18cm Freezing Process: BQF (Block Quick Frozen) Shelf Life: 24 months APPEARANCE: Clean No Yellow Skin No Feathers No Bad Smell No Blood No Black Pad No Bruise No Chemical Burns Broken Bones Less than 3% Moisture Less than 1% Chicken feet pad retained and without damage FROZEN CONDITION: Blast Frozen at -40 o C Stocked at -18 o C

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Frozen Chicken Feet, Frozen Food

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