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Massage is a healing art. Since ancient times, it has been used to treat numerous diseases. The history of Chinese herbal medicine records use of various massage techniques, with varied level of friction and pressure. It is known to treat diabetes, fatigue, high blood pressure, enhancing immunity and much more. At San Diego Massage therapy we provide you a variety of massage treatments to benefit you and your body. Our goal is to provide our clients: - Relaxation From Daily Stress Due to the stressful routine of majority of people today and the extremely fast pace at which the world is moving, people are left with little time to pamper or take proper care of their bodies. San Diego Massage therapy has designed sessions that provide our clients pure relaxation instantly. - Stress Management: Stress and anxiety are the main causes of many diseases today. Many people do not even realize how adversely stress influences their health and daily lifestyle. If people can manage their stress, they can lower the risk of contracting a number of ailments. San Diego Massage therapy employs hot stones, essential oils, aromatherapy and acupuncture to provide its clients relief from anxiety and stress. - Functional Mobility Tensed and overused muscles directly impact your mobility. For athletes and industry workers, having sore and tensed muscles is a common problem. We, at San Diego Massage therapy use a variety of massage techniques to improve the functionality of your muscles. Our sessions also include treatment for injuries and joint conditions. - Pain Management Chronic ailments have become a common part of today’s society. It is not new to have a customer with lower back or shoulder pain. Chronic pain leads to headaches and inability to perform day to day tasks. We at San Diego Massage therapy design acupuncture, prenatal and other massage treatments that can help you get rid of all kinds of pain. Our therapists are considerate of your age, condition and level of pressure that can you can endure. Our massage services include: Sports Massage: • Stretching traction • Enhancing performance • Prevent injuries Cupping: • Increase circulation • Alleviate pain • Increase range of motion Swedish Massage: - Light to strong pressure - Promotes lymph movement and blood circulation - Good for stress and chronic pain Deep Tissue Massage: - Releases tension in muscles - Provides pain relief - Good for athletic injuries and overused muscles Prenatal Massage: - Most recommended for pregnant women - Reduces chronic pain - Improves oxygen levels Medical Massage - Good for joint problems - Treatment for tissue recovery - Recovery from sport injuries Aromatherapy: - Treats depression and trauma - Heals through aroma - Promotes harmony and peace Acupuncture: - Enhances immunity - Improves blood circulation and flow of energy - Stimulates fertility - Prevents blood clots Shoreline Massage Therapy, San Diego uses the best quality essential oils and lotions. All the massage rooms are hygienic with respect to the customer’s privacy. Please feel free to contact and visit us with any questions and we will gladly provide you assistance and recommend a therapist who can plan our massage sessions. New Client Special!!! $49.99 for 60min massage treatment. Transform Your Performance with Shoreline Massage Therapy! Our office is located inside the Beach cliff Villas on the beautiful Sunset cliffs. Massage therapy is the primary tool used to address patient concerns while movement therapy, biomechanics evaluation and nutritional counseling may be used as adjunct treatments to optimize patient well-being. Using these noninvasive techniques, Christopher Brenner has had great success in relieving pain quickly and permanently so that patients can return to everyday activities, without the use of additional medication or surgery.

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