Bovine Portable Ultrasound EI Medical IBEX Pro Used 4x

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Brand Name: bovine
Model Number: ibex
Place of Origin: US
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Product Description : EI Medical brand portable ultrasound for bovine preganancy diagnosis, fetal sexing, fetal viability. This is the best portable ultrasound unit for dairy and beef cattle use. We have used it about 4 times and are extremely happy with it. It will sex and size fetus as well as store data for easy transfer to computer. Any dairy herdsman who breeds everyday can diaganose pregnancy at 20-25 days and at next check tell if the fetus is viable and what sex it is!! If you put it in a backpack it is extremely convenient. You can breed or whatever and then when you need the ultrasound it is right there. A school type backpack also keeps it nice and clean and then you only have to clean the probe everyday, this takes 5 minutes. If you are a dairy farmer you should really consider this as an option to reduce your vet bills. The herdsman I have shown this to do not have any trouble diagnosing pregnancy, it is a very easy skill if you can breed. If you are a vet, you will be much faster/more accurate, and can tell if a fetus is not viable. In my opinion this tool is comparable to the self-locking stanchion in terms of the productivity increase that is possible if you fully integrate it into your repro program. The screen resolution is outstanding. It is easy to see CL or other ovarian structures. Comes with extra battery, carrying case, goggles, everything you see in the photo. Goggles work great even in bright sunshine. We use the goggles out in corrals in California sun, I have the side blinders that go on the googles. This is the pro unit with the keyboard so you are easily able to add notes and transfer images to a pc for clients or your records. The screen with the keyboard would be great for training purposes, which is what we were going to use it for in our dairy consulting business.

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