Furaltadone (AMOZ) ELISA Test Kit

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Brand Name: REAGEN
Model Number: RND99012
Place of Origin: USA
MOQ: 2kits
Supply Type: 500kits/month
Standard: 96T
Packaging: color box
Furaltadone (AMOZ) ELISA Test Kit: high sensitivity

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REAGEN™Furaltadone(AMOZ) ELISA Test Kit provides a competitive enzyme immunoassay for the quantitative analysis of furaltadone in feed, fish, shrimp, meat (beef, chicken and pork), eggs, honey, milk, serum and urine. The unique features of the kit are: ?Rapid (4 hours), high recovery (80 - 105%), and cost-effective extraction methods for various samples. ?High sensitivity (0.025 ng/g or ppb) and low detection limit (0.05 ng/g or ppb) for various samples. ?High reproducibility. ?A quick ELISA assay (less than 2 hours regardless of number of samples). Procedure Overview The method is based on a competitive colorimetric ELISA assay. The AMOZ Antibody has been coated in the plate wells. During the analysis, sample and HRP-Conjugated Antibody #2 are added to the wells. If the target is present in the sample, it will compete for the antibody, there by preventing the HRP-Conjugated Antibody #2 from binding to the AMOZ Antibody attached to the well.The resulting color intensity, after addition of substrate, has an inverse relationship with the target concentration in the sample. Sensitivity Sample Type Detection Limit (ng/g or ppb) Feed 0..1 Fish/Shrimp/Meat 0.05 Egg/Egg Powder 0.05 Honey 0.05 Milk 0.05 Serum 0.05 Urine 0.05

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