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Moore Pawn & Furniture

1621 M St.
Lincoln, NE 68508, United States

Timing: Mon-Fri 9am-7pm

The more urgent a financial emergency is, the less
time you usually have to gather the funds together to deal with it. Unlike
other lenders, Moore Pawn & Furniture can offer you fast access to the
funds you need without a long application process or red tape. Simply bring your
valuables in to be evaluated by one of their expert pawnbrokers, who will offer
you a loan against their value. As one of the highest-quality pawn shops in
Lincoln, NE, Moore Pawn & Furniture has a reputation for honesty and
integrity. They will consider any item of value, including electronics, fine
furniture, and gold, silver, and diamonds. Depending on
their value, they will offer you an immediate cash loan of up to $50,000.You can also browse the huge range of items for sale in
their shop, containing everything from musical instruments to personal computers
and professional-quality tools, not to mention the extensive collection of home
furnishings available in their furniture showroom. Moore Pawn
& Furniture also provides payday loans and cash for gold, offering the
best prices for broken or unused gold jewelry in town. Browse their inventory
or get in touch on their website, or
call (402) 477-5116 with any
Mr. Moore Pawn & Furniture

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