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Brand Name: BrakeQuip
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BrakeQuip markets a unique and proprietary brake hose manufacturing and pressure testing system. The BrakeQuip system allows the operator to easily manufacture conventional brake hoses that comply with DOT standard FMVSS106. Stainless steel braided hoses can also be made with this system and every hose tested to 3,000 psi in 30 seconds.
Every brake or clutch hose to suit every motor vehicle, motorcycle, truck, four-wheel drive, forklift, crane, tractor or trailer can be manufactured on-the-job using BrakeQuip\'s compact brake hose manufacturing system that can be easily positioned on any work bench. Our system is affordable and even viable in small population areas.
Benefits of BrakeQuip products
• Brake hose can be made in less than 5min at the point of sales.
• A brake hose manufactured with the BrakeQuip crimper is as average 30% less in cost than OEM brake hose
• Each manufactured brake hose can be tested on the spot at 10 times the brake pressure, OEM hoses are only spot checked
• Source of additional revenues for the master distributor
• Customer have to wait sometimes days or weeks when he purchase brake hose from OEM dealer
• BrakeQuip brake hoses meet or exceed international standards.
• No competition, BrakeQuip is the only company in the world that provides a D-I-Y professional crimp machine to make brake hoses, power steering hoses, fuel hoses and low profile motor cycle hoses.
• BrakeQuip offers a variety of tools for automotive pluming

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