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Rice, Soybean Seeds, Vegetable Oil, Yellow Corn

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We supply grains and feeds with vegetable oil
our procedure:

1. Buyer issues the ICPO /LOI
2. Seller issues FCO + model of RWA;
3. Buyer signs, seals and returns the FCO to seller and RWA bank to bank via swift;
4. Seller verifies compliance with the Buyer´s bank and if all is ok issues draft-contract and send to the Buyer.
5. Buyer verifies, corrects and returns the draft contract to Seller with sign and seal.
6. Seller verifies that the contract is approved, signed and sealed by the Buyer.
7. Buyer Bank issue a POF by MT799/255 and send to Seller Bank via swift.
8. In 5 banking days the Seller Bank send to Buyer Bank the POP via swift (origin certificate, product export license, export document authorization, location and product availability, refinery producer identification, laboratory analysis, phytosanitary certificate).

9. In 3 banking days, Buyer Bank will issue the operative bank Letter of credit for payment, as agreed in favor of the seller.
10. Within 15 banking days, Seller issues through bank the shipment documents (S.G.S. inspection of weight and quality, bill of landing, insurance certificate, commercial invoice).
11. In 2 banking days, Buyer´s Bank will active the payment.
12. Delivery and shipment shall commence after the fulfillment of the procedure, stated above

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Marketing Expousre
Rice, Soybean Seeds, Vegetable Oil, Yellow Corn

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Marketing Expousre

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