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We have available Credential Clothing in original donations bags Mixed Rags institutional, and used Shoes. by container of 40 H.C we can fit 50,000 thousand pound in the container or 25,000 Kg. we have available ongoing. pay today Shipping next Day. We are in the market for more than 20 years with more than 50,000 customers around the Globe.

We are The #1 of the leading in the market and exporter of used Clothing. We specialize in selling Credential Clothes to worldwide markets including Africa, South America, North america, India, and Pakistan. Our quality products are in high demand worldwide. We are constantly aware of markets for used clothing. Thus, we fully understand the changing needs of each country. Our main focus is quality. We are doing our best to get customer’s satisfaction and we invite you to Decide.

GLOBAL CLOTHING RECYCLING . is the largest family owned and clothing distributor and exporter to over 87 countries worldwide. We have established loyal partnerships, relationships and trade agreements with our suppliers and buyers, this making us a true reliable source. We specialize in building value through price, convenience and product diversity. We stock top quality overstocks and customer returns of the latest styles and fashions that your customers are looking for, all which recently displayed in Major Chain Stores and Major Department Stores from around the United States. If you qualify to do business with us you will never pay premium wholesale again.

We have available 10 TO 20 load of mix rags at $ 0.26 cent per pound. Per week

We have available 8 TO 10 load of Credential Clothing available every week ongoing by truck load and 40 ft H.C Container. Mix Collections From Georgia, Virginia, Washington, North and South Carolina, and more than 12 State of North of U.S.A at $ 0.36 cent per pound.

Credential Clothing Donations Recycle bins direct From Boston Massachusetts. $ 0.42 cent per pound

New Jersey Credential $ 0.40 Cent per pound

New York Credential $ 0.40 cent per pound

Used Shoes Pair at $ 1.50 cent per pound. More than 200,000 thousand pound available. per Week

Single Shoes $ 0.10 cent per lb 45,000 lb per container 40 ft

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Used and Return mix tennis Shoes at $ o.350 per lb

Bric and Brac $ 0.30 cent per pound

Used Purses at : 0.85 cent per pound

used Hard Toys $ 0.75 cent per pound

White Rags Uncut at : 0.31 cent per pound

Color Rags Uncut : $0.15 cent per pound

Used Books at $ 0.15 cent per pound

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Global Clothing Recycling
Clothing, Shoes, Used Clothing, Used Shoes, Used Toys

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