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To whom it may concern,

This is Marwa Abdelaziz, representative from Supreme American Coal LLC (Supamer) of Jersey City, New Jersey, USA, founder and leader of an international trading network that trade on earth minerals and finished commodities as well.

I would like to inquire about your supply for Copper Cathodes 99.99% grade A non LME, as our company is in urgent need for the product:

Copper Cathodes Sheets, Grade “A” 99.99% min. Not LME registered.

2. SPECIFICATIONS: Elements Value Elements Value
Copper Cu 99.99% Silica Si <0.3ppm
Cobalt Co <0.2ppm Bismuth Bi <0.1 ppm
Lead Pb <0.2 ppm Tellurium Te <0.05ppm
Iron Fe <2 ppm Silver Ag <10 ppm
Aluminum Al <0.5 ppm Selenium Se <0.3 ppm
Manganese Mn <0.1 ppm Sulphur S <4ppm
Nickel Ni < 0.2 ppm Magnesium MG <0.4 ppm
Antimony Sb <0.1 ppm Oxygen O2 0.0015ppm
Arsenic AS <0.1 ppm Zinc Zn <0.4ppm

We are looking for a supply of 5000MT/month for a 13 months term contract and might be extended for further business. Price LME minus 15% (LME 85%) USD/MT, CIF Ports GENOA, Italy and SHANGHAI, China. Our contract is ready and prepared to be sent once we inquire more information about your product and your intent for supply. Please reply as soon as possible.

Sincerely yours,
Marwa Abdelaziz
Supreme American Coal LLC
767 Newark Ave B1
Jersey City NJ.07306
Ms. Marwa Abdelaziz

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