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This is the procedure: The platt discount is 12/7, with buyer side of the $2, is completely free and open. PROCEDURE

1. Buyer and Seller sign and seal the contract including banking coordinates and both parties must deposit the signed contract with their respective banks. The electronic signed copy by both parties is considered legally binding and enforceable and must not be changed without the written consent of the parties.

2. Buyer supplies the full ATB format of their inspection company and full details of their Independent Inspection Agent including contact numbers, seaman ID, and a copy of passport page, Safety certificate and discharge certificate. The ATB format must include the full name and address of buyer’s nominated Inspection Agent and to whose attention the ATB is to be addressed. The Inspector must be a qualified professional and must have his International Passport and Seaman ID before he can be cleared to board the vessel. Buyer may also request that the vessel Captain opens his transponder for buyer to verify the location of the vessel.

3. BCL(BANK COMFORT LETTER) - Buyer bank writes to seller bank requesting that seller moves his loaded vessel to Cotonou water for Inspection and Quantity & Quality and also request for partial POP which shall include the bill of lading of loaded cargo. Buyer bank shall also indicate that upon successful inspection and Quantity & Quality by buyer’s nominated inspectors in Cotonou, and receipt of soft copy of all shipping documents; and confirmation of availability of hard copy with seller\'s bank, it will raise instrument and make full payment of cargo.

4. Seller moves his loaded cargo to Cotonou waters and provides to buyer the Marine ATB and clearance for buyer’s independent inspector to conducts his inspection and ascertains the Quality and Quantity of the product and reports back the same to the buyer and copy seller. Buyer is fully responsible for the costs of his inspection and his inspectors’ fees.

5. After receipt of Quantity and Quality results seller shall forward soft copies of the complete set of shipping documents with commercial invoice of cargo to buyer, in Buyer’s name to enable the buyer to process the final payment for the cargo.

6. Seller shall also lodge hard copy of all the shipping documents with his bank.

7. The captain of the loaded vessel with consent of the seller shall introduce Buyer to vessel Owner to enable buyer place a one way voyage to buyers port of discharge.

8. Buyer’s bank upon receipt of Quality and Quantity report and soft copies of shipping documents and commercial invoice of cargo per Quantity and Quality report shall confirm from the seller\'s bank availability of the hard copy of all shipping documents with seller\'s bank. Upon confirmation through seller\'s bank of availability of hard copy of shipping documents in buyers name, buyer\'s bank within 48 hours shall by swift wire transfer pays the seller and all commission agents based on the total out turned barrels presented in the last Q&Q Inspection, while the process of re-chartering is ongoing.

9. Upon confirmation of payments by the seller and all commission agents, seller\'s bank shall within 24 hours send to the buyer the hard copy of all the shipping documents.

10. Buyer sails to his port of discharge.

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