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Amino acid profile It specially contains high content of Branched Amino Acid (BCAA), which plays important role during building and retaining muscle tissue. Therefore, it has great effect for body builders. 4U whey protein also contains high quality and high percent of glutamine (a muscle enhancer, muscle deterioration reducer), which help to recover and grow faster by increasing the levels of protein. Milk protein ingredients 4U whey protein has many great natural milk protein ingredients, such as Alpha-laktalbumin, beta-laktoglobulin, glycomakropeptides, imunglobuliner, lactoferrin and laktoperoxsidase. It also has been added by aminogen (digestive enzyme), which can actively helps the body to break down, digest and absorb protein optimally. Low carbohydrates and fat 4U whey protein is an ideal protein supplement for everyone with an active health conscious lifestyle. If you want to control your intake of carbohydrates in your daily diet, you should choose 4U whey protein with complete amino acid profiles, high level glutamine and BCAA. RECOMMENDED USE: take each serving (50 gram) mixed with 200~400 ml ice cold water, milk or juice in a shaker. Put on the shaper top and shake slightly. Let the
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