SMD3528 Flexible InfraRed (850nm) LED Strip-16.4ft With 300 LEDs Light Ribbon

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1) PCB size: 5000mm*8mm*2mm

2) Light source: SMD 3528

3) LED quantity: 5m in a roll of 300 lamps (DC12V)

4) Power: 4.8 watts/m

5) Voltage: DC12V

6) Wavelength: IR 850nm

7) Average Lifetime: 50,000hr

8) Rating : CE, ROHS


High flux infrar LED strip for the multitouch markets. Very popular and economical LED solution for making small and medium sized multitouch system solutions.

Applications: Multitouch Screen, Multitouch Surface, Multitouch System, DSI system, DSI projects

Infrared radiation can also be used as a deliberate heating source, whether to heat the occupants of infrared saunas, to remove ice from the wings of aircraft (de-icing), or for natural health care & physiotherapy, using radiation from the Far Infrared band. Infrared heating is also replacing contact heating and convection ovens in industrial manufacturing processes, such as the curing of coatings, annealing, plastic welding, print drying, and the forming of plastics.

This low-voltage 12V DC IR Strip is easy to install and produces little heat, which means you don\'t have to worry about shock or fire danger. It has a lifespan of over 50,000 hours and, though it lives on a carbon diet, its low wattage translates to lower emissions and a $3 per-watt operating cost if left on for an entire year. Use this strip three or four hours per day, and it will last over 40 years! This Like all Elemental products, this strip bears a RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) certificate that strictly ensures that no toxic materials were used in its manufacture.

Warning: Although the near infrared light from this strip light is invisible, it can cause the same damage to the eyes as a very bright light. Do not look directly at this strip light when it is powered on.

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