LPD6803 IC Digital Addressable RGB Led Dream Color Strip Light Ribbon Strip Rope

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LPD6803 IC digital Addressable RGB led Dream Color strip Light Ribbon Strip Rope 30LEDs/M 10Image Pixel (YK-F6803D-30-10)


Product Description
5M(16.4feet) LPD6803 IC RGB SMD5050 LED Dream Clor Flexible Strip 30LEDs

Input Voltage (V)

LED Quantity
30leds/M SMD5050 LEDs

IC Quantity

IC Type

Light Source Color

Power Consumption
Max 8W/Meter

Product Dimension

Suitable Places
Indoor and Outdoor

Grey scale

Image Pixel

Waterproof: IP40/IP65/IP67

Shipping Weight

SMD 5050RGB Dream color IC6803 30PCS/m LED flexible strips light, the LED for this LED strips have three chips, are made up with the red chip, green chip, and blue chip, the LED can made many color changes, because, the proportion between the red brightness, green htness.
And blue brightness is stochastic, as a result, the color can be decided by the LED controllers.
In other way, this type of products contains the 6803 IC, one IC made in every groups!
As a result, the IC can controll every LED, so this LED strips can show many types of flash models, one special style is runing by every LED, it can show a beautiful flash style!
This type of LED strips have the code interface and the time interface! So you can program the style in your ways, this function is every good!

Main Features:
Flexibility, can be bent at any angle.
Compact size, It has a super slim shape with the width only 14mm.
Abundant color modes, up to thousands of color change modes can be put in the programs.
Work with LED control system could get Jumping, fading, flashing, dimming mode.
Users can cut the ribbon every 3 LEDs.
Continous light connection, It can run 15 meters continously.

Other Features:
1. Vivid color effects, all individual LEDs are red, green and blue 3-in-1 type.
2. With help of the built-in IC on ribbon, the LEDs long life span and color consistency can be maintained. .
3. Long life, light source can last more than 50.000 hours.
4. Easy installation using plastic clip to fix it.
5. Low voltage, safety, stability.
6. Low energy consumption, super-bright LED
7. Resist vibration, free maintenance.
8. Waterproof, suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.
9. ECO-friendly, No mercury, no UR and IR.

Installation Notice:
1) Make sure the connection is correct according to the diagram.
2) Pay attention on the parameters limit on the above form. DO NOT run over the peak value.
3) Keep the surface of installation clear and level avoid breaking off.
4) Avoid the crook area is the just the position of LED and other components, in order to protect the product and extend the life span of the product.


The product is widely used in building outline lights, entertainment quasi-decorative lighting, advertisement decorative lighting and so on. The product is waterproof performance, low-voltage DC power supply safety, convenience, variety of LED colors, colorful. By the FPC circuit board, LED lights, made of high-quality silicone sleeve. UV resistant for outdoor use may be aging, yellowing, high temperature and other advantages.


Make sure the connection is correct according to the diagram.

DO NOT run over the peak value.

Keep the surface of installation place clear and smooth, avoiding the strip fall off. DO NOT press the LED

DO NOT attempt to make sharp bends with the strip.

DO NOT install where water or high humidity may be present without further protection.

3M tape used only for indoor, when the strip installed outdoor, please use fixed slot.

Away from strong acid or strong alkali.

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