Hand Saver Socket Wrench Set

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Brand Name: hcc ( sp) llc
Model Number: 340032-5826-1
Place of Origin: europe
Minimum Order Quantity: 100000
Certificate: 340-320-2

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AUTO and TOOLING DIVISION Hand Saver Socket Wrench Set : Patent pending #1646 The key this product it the extension they are able to transmitted power over a long extended lent in a manner that it does not dissipate nor is there a loss of strength so you can each behind under and up into even around, they can be used in conjunction with one enough so there in so such think as a bolt or screw you cannot easy reach with put keeping your hands completely up out of the working are in safety The new technology need to make this product available to you was developed by the owner and inventor of this corporation All engineering and design work it done to create this technology now to order simple send purchase order and deposited proof of payment in the form of a letter of credit in some bank and inform me and my corporate bank what and where the proof of payments it so we can verify it Model No. 340032-5826-1: Prices EUR 135.00 or $176.85 Prices includes tool box plus Instruction book 256 Piece tool set plus extensions Socket and drives set of all types, plus 32 the extension That allows you to work hand free, And shipping paid on all replacements due to default products Or workmanship A wrench set to reach around and behind into hard to get Too places / low Profile can be used with air/electric or Manual drive, come in different length and with a completed Set of adapter and Drives form Quarter to Half the hand saver Wrench system, will save your hands and time and money on All kind of repair, as we know in repair work time it Money. This wrench will keep your hand up and away from all the work, your hand are not turning anything or doing Any work the wrenches do it all this is a set of 256 pieces. You could marker this product up $25.00 to $30.00 Dollar and still be below the standard prices for Industrial grade professional tools, tools which some sell For over a $1000.00 at $165.00 or even $175.00 Send technical spend thousands of dollars for tools Like this $5.00 one it unheard of $25.00 /30.00 usual only The manufacture makes that kind of money with me you can too. Hand Saver Socket Wrench Set: Model No. 340032-5826-1: Prices EUR 135.00 or $176.85 These product thru a endurances test will have to pass a 500 hour continually running test without failure so will all my product conform to this as a minimal standard. That a continue endurances test in all kinds of weather and breakability and the endurance all components in all kinds of situation including strength of material as such as they 33 want break in any situation or rust due to weather or usages and the endurance includes all material used to made this set of wrenches and drives. These test and grantee are made by the manufacture of these products over and above all other test The Hands Saver Socket Wrench Set: prices: EUR 135.00 or $176.85
Mr. harold c christian
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