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\"We are part of a network of resellers, dealers, wholesalers, importers, exporters, liquidators and brokers who specialize in buying and selling items between companies who do not currently do business together. Our goal is to expand your current client and vendor opportunities to maximize your profit margins. Omega Closeouts International specializes in new, OEM, sealed supplies for copiers, printers and fax machines, especially large lots, obsolete and discontinued items, and overstock. We broker toners, inks, developers, drums, etc., as well as the machines themselves. We can also help with expired inks, foil wrapped inks, ugly boxes, and after market items. We have a vast knowledge of the market place and can even broker newer, current model inventory, as well as older, hard to find surplus. Because so many of our partners deal in multiple markets, we also buy and sell computers (laptops, hard drives, PCs, monitors, cables, etc.) and office-type electronics (calculators, adding machines, phones [VOIP and analog], cameras, MP3s, etc.). Some partners help us move various sized lots of other non-electronic office supplies EXCEPT paper reams (pens, labels, folders, staplers, dispensers, etc.). And still other network affiliates help us broker medical equipment and supplies, household goods and other various retail items. \"

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Consumables, Copier, Office, Printer, Supplies, Surplus, Toner

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