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This magic Weight Loss Supplement is made of all natural ingredients such as: Bee Pollen, Chinese Yam, Barbary Wolfberry Fruit, Lotus Seed and dietary fiber.
    Zi xiu tang Pollen Capsule IS ALL NATURAL....
Zi xiu tang Pollen Capsule is produced from natural plate ingredients on a basis of the theory of ?edicine and food have the same source?of Traditional Chinese Medicine by using Japanese high-tech ingredients and extraction biological activity technology.
Face and Beauty Capsules are China FDA approved fat blockers and slimming capsules.  Since very easy to maintain due to easy digestion, this product is designed especially for the severely obese for easy absorption.
Ben Gain energy all day (make sure to eat throughout the day for this)
Increased libido by raising testosterone levels in both men and women (does not increase male characteristics in women, just sexual energy and confidence level)
Lose approximately 10% of body weight per package of 24 days (taking 2 pills daily)  :  Helps digestive system restore to healthy function
Increased metabolism
Increased testosterone levels (very beneficial for male sexual health, women will notice increase in libido)
Helps immune system
Increased youthfulness and skin elasticity
Helps many skin disorders
Helps with hay fever and other allergies
Strong appetite suppression
Significant fat reduction in:  
[Usage and Dosage]2pieces/time, once every day, may take alone in the morning or take with food.
[Main Ingredients] Bee pollen, yam, medlar, lotus seed and diet fiber etc.
[Not suitable for] Pregnant woman, children, lactation woman, heart disease, hypertension and hypohepatia person.
[Storage Practice] Seal and keep in cool and dry place.
Supervised by Guangzhou Zi xiu tang Biotechnology Co., Ltd and its Haikou Branch.
[ Authentication Code]Qiong Wei Shi Zhun Zi (2003)No.016.
[Executive Standard]Q/ZXT01-2004.

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