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Corn Oil, Fish Oil, Jatropha Oil, Palm Oil, Soyabean Oil, Sunflower Oil, Vegetable Oil

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All edible oils supply ltds established in 1995, focused in the production,
construction, and out-source processing for bio-diesel. 3 years before our inception, we
have begun the research and development of our patented continuous biodiesel processing
system and other edible and unedible Oil; which has resulted in ASTM D6751 certified methyl
ester. Today we have a pilot production plant in Kajang that is established in Federal Republic of Nigeria to
develop biodiesel commercially.
We are the first company in Europe & Federal Rebuplic Of Nigeria that is classified to produce bio-diesel as a core
business. We have been growing with Federal Rebuplic Of Nigeria, Australia, and Malaysia and worldwide in exposure and
We have produced methyl ester and glycerin for the following customers and partners:
Our potential customers:
* Lim Construction – Infrastructure engineering company.
* Triton Bus Company – Intra and Inter city bus operator.
* Trans-National – Nation-wide Bus Company.
* Lumut Port Pilot Service – Tug-boat piloting operator at Lumut Port in the State of
Lagos, Federal Rebuplic Of Nigeria.
* John Deere Distributor – Distributor of John Deere Heavy Machinery in Malaysia.
Our Supporters:
* Southern Edible Oil – refiners of Palm Oil edible oil in Federal Rebuplic Of Nigeria.
* JTOP – Plantation Company based in Federal Rebuplic Of Nigeria.
* Federal Rebuplic Of Nigeria Palm Oil Board – The palm oil regulator in Federal Rebuplic Of Nigeria.
* Department of Environment – The environment regulator in Federal Rebuplic Of Nigeria.
* May Chemicals – Manufacturer of Chemicals in Federal Rebuplic Of Nigeria and Europe.
Our mission is to provide an alternative fuel source that is renewable and environmentally
friendly to customers at a cost effective and constant supply.
* To provide a dependable, quick, and risk free entry to corporations into the renewable
DIESEL industry and begin using renewable diesel in the next 2 years.
* To research and develop new methods of producing bio-diesel that will be faster and
more cost effective; which will result in less cost for bio-diesel in the next 3 years.
* To research and develop further into alternative fuels that requires little or no
modifications to existing vehicles in the next 5 years.
* To research and develop a renewable source of raw material that will not need
extensive land use in the next 10 years.
Our first service is biodiesel production outsourcing. This allow many companies to venture
into the sale of biodiesel without the investment, and production risks. We reduce these
risks for our partner, by allowing them to convert their surplus palm oil – Crude Palm Oil
(CPO) or Refined, Bleached, and Deodorized Palm Oli (RBD Palm Oli); to palm oil methyl
ester. This service is focused not only for small stake holders in the palm oil industry,
but would be very useful for large conglomerates to have a quick biodiesel market test.
The secondary service we provide is construction consultancy for a commercial biodiesel
plant based on our patented process. We base our designs from best practices followed
globally. Our construction process will ensure that the plant be commissioned in the time
that will provide the best time to market. Through this construction process we are able to
provide better quality and reliability through a stringent process of sourcing locally
fabricated components that go into making a complete plant. This high content of locally
fabricated and sources parts make construction cheaper and the maintenance of this plant
much more consistent.
The third product we provide is our own brand of biodiesel that is to be exported to
countries within the ASIAN region, called BFuel™. Through this in-house production of
biodiesel, we are able to support customer that opt for the first two services we provide.
This support may come in the form of providing more supply to customers when their current
contract production is not sufficient. Or, before their plant can be commissioned, the
customer may wish to begin supply to their markets.
We have research contractors located in Taiwan, Austria, and Australia that are involved
with the improvement and development of better technologies and sustainable feedstock for
the production of biodiesel. From these nations, we have also learned how the biodiesel
industry in growing and what are the future requirement standards for biodiesel to be sold
into those nations.
Our current capacity of production is 24,000mt per annum of Sunflower and Groundnut oil. We are able to
increase our production capacity in a very short period of time.. Relative to the business
growth for our company we will be able to increase our production to meet all our customer's
needs.Our planned capacity for the end of 2007 will be 60,000mt per annum.
To learn more of how we are able to benefit you in the biofuel industry, please do not
hesitate to call us from our contact details.
Amir Luccas– Finance Director
The other founder of Olvea Oil Limited He is the head of administration and
finance. Mr. Amir's career background has been in the field of corporate compliance,
accounting, taxation and company secretarial services.
He is a graduate from University of Western Australia in Perth, Western Australia with a
degree in Accountancy. Mr. Amir is an exceptional and detailed analyzer.
Wisun Soon - Director
Graduated from the University of Technology Sydney with a Bachelor of Business Degree,
majoring in Finance and Economics. He is also one of the founding members of AFHSB,
currently dealing with fund raising and corporate
planning. In 1994 he started his career in Arab-Malaysian Merchant Bank Berhad (Currently
known as AmMerchant Berhad). His responsiblities mainly involved Corporate Advisory
specialists in Mergers and Acquisition, Corporate
Restructuring and IPOs. Subsequently, he held directorships in various listed companies,
including NasionCom Holdings Berhad etc. He was also involved in advising the KAF Group of
Companies with corporate finance work.
Ms. Liu Mu-Chueh – Marketing Director
Another founding member of Vimal Oil LImited. She is the head of local and
international Marketing. Ms. Liu began her career as the international sales for embedded
systems for Lex Computech Co Ltd, and was based in Taipei, Taiwan and Netherlands. Her
detailed understanding of marketing is due to her experience in several large marketing
corporations based from the US.
A marketing and mass communications graduate she has over 8 years of experience in marketing
and business development.
Ms. Lee Kheng Choo – Botanical Consultant
She has been involved with the Groundnut oil industry through her time with Sime Darby Bhd. With
over 15 years of experience in testing, researching, and developing key processes and
strains that provided higher yield and stronger resistance to environmental agents. She
brings with her to Olvea Oil Limited important knowledge on the
characteristics of palm oil to benefit our continuous process.
Mr. Chai Kian Koon – Chemical & Water Treatment Consultant
Mr. Chai brings to us his vast chemical and water treatment knowledge to our company. He was
involved in the palm oil industry for many years and specialized in the treatment of waste
water. He is able to round of
Olvea Oil Limited mission to be environmentally responsible through the
management of the only waste that comes from our biodiesel production – waste water. He
allows our water to be treated and reused so to reduce the
consumption of the most precious resource in the world – water.

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